TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder ESP
TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder ESP
TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder ESP
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timemore manual coffee grinder
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TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder ESP

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  • DESIGN FOR ESPRESSO: Equipped with patented E&B steel burrs with higher precision and efficiency, 2022 newly released TIMEMORE CHESTNUT ESP is a full-range hand coffee grinder, which means that you can grind whatever coarseness you need from French press to espresso coffee.
  • COMFORTABLE GRINDING: The 53mm-diameter body combined with a unique anti-slip textured surface makes this manual burr coffee grinder easier to hold; also the ergonomically shaped crank handle that spins smoothly allows you to grind enough for a large cup in one minute.
  • EASY GRINDING ADJUSTMENT: To adjust the grind setting, just remove the bottom container and easily rotate the dial according to your preference from finer to coarser settings; if you’re going to use one coffee grinder for many different brewing methods, this is super convenient.
  • INTEGRATED METAL BODY FOR LONGER LASTING: The aluminum alloy body makes Timemore grinder a great light coffee grinder for daily use, travel, or camping. At the same time, durability is guaranteed by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and conical burrs.
  • PRACTICAL CAPACITY: A perfect size (body: 163*53 mm/handle length: 160 mm) and weight of around 1.3 pounds (600 g) to be easily held and carried, and has a decent capacity of 25-30 grams, enough for preparing a cup or two in daily use.

Adjustable Coarseness for Different Needs

Patented point to Point coarseness adjustment to adjust coarseness precisely and meet Espresso, Moka, Pour over and siphon, French Press etc

Original design E&B burrs forBoth Espresso and Pour over

Featured with Spike to Cut
Achieve secondary cutting
Higher uniformity and higher grinding efficiency

Energy-saving and smooth grinding

Users with low physical
strength can also grind easily