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Experience The Art of Coffee

Meet SCULPTOR, the latest electric coffee grinder that you can enjoy freshly ground barista-quality coffee at home.
With a unique design path, Sculptor - the next generation of TIMEMORE Electric Coffee Grinder features the highest quality turbo/flat burrs and a unique cleaning mechanism that provide you with perfect coffee. For more information, check us out on Kickstarter.

Basic 2.0 Scale (New In)

The upgraded TIMEMORE Basic 2.0 Scale features a more sensitive load cell for precise coffee bean measurement (0.1g accuracy). It offers automatic timing for blooming and stops automatically after brewing. The scale includes a USB-C charging cable, a 1600mAh battery for 24-hour use, and a physical ON/OFF switch to prevent accidental power wastage. Easily switch weight units from grams to ounces based on your preference.

S3 Coffee Grinder (New In)

The Chestnut S3 coffee grinder features the original S2C 890 burrs, ensuring a more uniform grind that brings out heightened sweetness and rich flavors. Its standout feature is the external adjustment – it can be rotated with clicks similar to adjusting a camera lens. With a total of 90 clicks, it allows for ultra-fine adjustments of 0.015mm per click, delivering high precision suitable for both hand drip and espresso brewing.