Sculptor Related FAQ

1.What is the capacity of the hopper?
- The hopper capacity for both 064 and 078 series is around 30g.

2. Which grinder is stepped and which one is stepless, what are the differences?
- Our 078 is a stepped grinder, where you can feel the dial clicking when turning it. However, the 064S and 078S grinder have stepless adjustment to better fit espresso demands. When turning the dial to adjust the coarseness, you will not feel any clicking; it will be very smooth, allowing for very slight adjustments.

3.What is the voltage of the grinder?
- This grinder is default 100-120V, it cannot be used in 220-240V regions.

4.What size of the portafilter will the catch cup fit?
- The diameter of the catch cup for both the 064 and 078 series are around 57mm, therefore it fits the 58mm portafilter.

5.Is there an auto-off function?
- The grinder will automatically turn off after being operated for 60 seconds. You can also turn off the grinder using the physical button.

6.Can I leave the lid open when grinding?
- We recommending closing the lid after pouring in the beans to avoid pop-corning issue.

7.When will the accessories (Sculptor related) be available?
- For the sculptor series, we are planning to sell the hopper extension as well as the burrs. Pre-order is expected to start around late April. Please note that we are selling the burrs mainly for maintenance purposes.

8.If I order now, when will I receive my grinder?
- Due to a large volume of orders, delivery will take relatively longer. However, we will notify you via email when shipment for your order starts.

- NOTE: For 064S BLACK, 064S WHITE, 078 BLACK, shipment is expected to start in June.
For the rest of the models (078S BLACK, 078S WHITE, 078 WHITE), you should receive the grinder around Mid May if you order it now.