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TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder Chestnut C3 PRO

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  • UPGRADED VERSION OF C2/C3: Share the same size but upgraded with new S2C steel burrs adopted from the Chestnut X in a smaller 38mm size, 2022 new released TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C3 PRO has better cutting performance, ensuring your coffee beans taste their best by consistently and swiftly ground.
  • FOLDABLE HANDLE: The PRO-serie coffee grinder is design with an unique patented spring-assisted handle, which when folded down against the body, prevents the grinder from being tipped over and makes it easy to store anywhere from your countertop to suitcase.
  • STEPLESS GRINDING ADJUSTMENT: Easily rotate the dial according to your preference from finer to coarser settings in almost half of the steps than C2 (Espresso settings begin around 8 clicks backward from the start point); you can use this hand grinder for everything from espresso to pour over and French press.
  • INTEGRATED METAL BODY FOR LONGER LASTING: Aluminum alloy body makes Timemore grinder a great light coffee grinder for daily use, travel or camping. At the same time, durability is guaranteed by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and the conical burrs. 
  • COMPACT BUT PRACTICAL: A prefect size and weight in just around a pound (473 g) to be easy to hold and carry, but still has a decent capacity of 20-25 grams, enough for preparing a cup or two in daily use.

Adjustable Coarseness for Different Needs

Patented point to Point coarseness adjustment
To adjust coarseness precisely and meet espresso, Moka, Pour over and siphon, French Press etc.

Solid TextureTight Hand Grip

It's easy for you to hold it with matte surface
and Diameter of 52mm Slim body.

Original Patented S2C 660 Burrs

With long time effort of parametric researches and adjustments, we released this new S2C 660 Burrs based on the patented philosophy of S2C (Spike To Cut) to make secondary cutting.