I Ice dripper

Simple design continues the modern minimalist style of TIMEMORE
Simple operation with water valve adjuster and control precisely of drip speed to ensure the effect of slow extraction.
Using healthy material – Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant and PTCG is healthy. High light transmission, good temperature resistance, safe to use.
Ice extraction makes coffee more flavorful,
Coffee enthusiast’s summer favorite,
Make your own cold and refreshing cup of ice coffee at home.

Show coffee’ s original flavors

Precision processing brings exquisite ice extraction

Water valve is made of unibody stainless steel and space aluminum

High-precision processing by CNC multi-process

Precise feel and outstanding texture

The water speed can be precisely adjusted by rotating it to left or right.
Guaranteed effective slow-extraction

External precise water valve

High density 304 stainless steel sieve
Effective filtration of Block ground effectively

650 mesh ultrafine sieve

On the body of glass gug
Mark the capacity clearly For you

Considerate scale line